The Customer Telephone Line is the basic element of communication with your customer

All you have to do is choose a telephone number, new or existing and we will arrange everything else at Daktela.


The infoline running on the Daktela system provides the following key benefits:

  Save time for your employees and operators

All communication is reliably and clearly handled

  Automatic customer identification, including communication history

  The result of the customer line will be satisfied customers

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We will grow with you!

The Daktela modular system is suitable for both small and large companies. You can purchase just as many modules of our software as you currently need.

See how the system works for FREE HERE!

Customer care comes first!

The basis of every contact center are call queues, to which calls passing through time conditions, notifications or smart IVR signposts are routed.

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An important function is also the automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls, other options for the operation of a passive call center can be found HERE.

Today, however, in addition to processing telephone calls, every infoline should be able to work properly with all client requirements, including emails, webchat, SMS, and communication on social networks such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber.

Thanks to the Daktela Omnichannel solution, all this communication can be clearly arranged in one application, so it does not matter which communication channel the customer uses.

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