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Use the latest artificial intelligence tools to reach your customers more effectively. We can help you discover how to deploy modern chatbots, voicebots or RBM bots in your company.

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  • Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Increase order conversion
  • Manage seasonal fluctuations and turnover without problems
  • Increase availability to 24/7/365 in any language

Implement virtual agents in your contact center to reduce financial and personnel costs while handling more customers.

This conversational AI delivers:

  • Daktela Chatbot
  • Daktela Voicebot
  • Daktela Mailbot
  • Daktela RBM bot

With artificial intelligence tools, it can easily and quickly make its active campaigns more effective, but also improve customer outreach and campaign effectiveness with speech recognition technology called Answering Machine Detection (AMD). Daktela AMD automatically detects whether a person is picking up the phone or an answering machine, helping you more easily target campaigns to real, live recipients.

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