Medical facilities

Communication between healthcare professionals and patients must be accurate, reliable and safe. Daktela’s intelligent software provides you with access to the next generation of communication tools.


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Accurate, real-time data for quicker responses

With complete communication history, you can empower authorized personnel with clear, accurate and relevant information to save time in emergencies and successfully handle routine patient interactions.


Save time and resources

Keep up with the demand for telemedicine. Our reliable communication platform lets you quickly arrange video or phone appointments between patients and health care professionals.

Omnichannel communication

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As soon as a patient calls, you have their card at hand

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM. Automatically access a 360-degree view of your patients’ communication history when they contact you, so you can modify every interaction to fit their specific case.

CRM Software

Set up SMS alerts

Use bulk SMS text messaging to send important information or gather crucial feedback from your patients.

SMS Connect

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