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Without any obligation on your part, we will be happy to demonstrate how Daktela can help you enhance your business by simplifying communication with your customers. To arrange a suitable time and date for this presentation contact us below.


  • We will unify all communication channels into one single platform and, thanks to our open integration approach we will connect it to your CRM, e-shop or ERP application.

  • Properly completed integration can increase efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate the need for users to work in multiple systems.

  • During the demonstration you will see how Daktela can extend your range of customer communication. Thanks to our technology, it is possible to record, monitor and have detailed statistics on all interactions with your company regardless of channel.

Within 30 minutes, we will highlight what Daktela
can do for your business.

See how easy it is to connect your phone, try calling, web chat, decision chat,
email / helpdesk, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, Facebook Messenger 
and other advanced features of our contact center.

    See why over 1000 companies use Daktela every day

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    Read interesting stories of companies that gained not only new customers, but also a better standing in the market thanks to more effective communication.

    Transparent pricing

    Calculate a price estimation based on your business needs.

    Check the estimated costs of running your contact center by number of operators and the range of services provided.

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