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It does not matter how many e-shops you manage and how big they are. You can clearly manage all the communication channels of all your e-shops in one place.

If you manage multiple e-shops, we recommend using a virtual exchange and helpdesk, which you can extend by automating some communication channels.


Why use a virtual exchange?

The virtual exchange allows you to choose your own telephone number for each e-shop or more telephone numbers for individual e-shops. Calls can be monitored and have clear and detailed statistics on them. Calls can be recorded and working and non-working hours can be set on the line. You can also use the voice signpost or IVR, which directs customers to specific departments or people. For example, the areas of invoicing, complaints, etc.

Why use Helpdesk?

The ticketing system / helphesk / email allows you to manage clearly and easily all communication with customers across all e-shops. One solution will cover all e-shops that can be operated by the same operators at the same time and also from anywhere, for example, from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the selection of the call queue, your calls will be presented with the correct telephone number of a specific e-shop, Thanks to the selection of the category on the ticket, emails will be sent under the correct header and the correct store signature will be included. You can set up templates for each e-shop, which will significantly streamline the work of your operators, increase their professionalism and, conversely, reduce their error rate.


SMS automation?

By setting up automatic communication with customers, you will reduce the pressure on the customer line and streamline the work of operators.

A very popular tool for customer care is the SMS connector. This is the automatic sending of SMS messages, which is used in e-shops primarily to confirm orders or to send information about the dispatch of goods. For each e-shop, you define the text as needed.

Do I need Web Chat?

Web Chat is now perceived as the standard for e-shops. Here it is important to have an overview of the completed web chat and be able to connect them with the customer and their order. If a customer contacts you in this way, you will see their current position on your website, i.e. what they are currently viewing, so you can better respond to their questions or help with product selection.


What is s decisional chatbot?

A new feature is the decision-making Chatbot. This is used to guide the customer through the purchase on your site. This is an assisted purchase in which the Chatbot offers the customer variants and at the end of their communication, the goods are ordered or connected to the operator of your customer line.

How to make a voice guide?

If you decide to use the voice signpost for your e-shops, ie IVR, we would definitely recommend all e-shops use the Smart IVR, which can serve the customer without the presence of an operator. It is most often used to verify the status of the order, when the customer fills in the order number and thanks to the connection to the CRM or warehouse system, the customer receives an immediate response to where their order is located and the expected delivery date. Smart IVR works 24/7/365, so it solves the request at any time and without waiting.


How to use social networks?

FB MessengerWhatsApp and Viber are increasingly popular ways to communicate with customers. These will allow customers to communicate better from mobile phones, where the current trend in shopping is largely shifting.

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