Contact Tracing Call Centre Solution for Managing Outbreak (COVID-19)

Many countries battling with coronavirus are under nation-wide lockdowns which help reduce the spread of the virus, but which are very expensive and damaging to their economies. In some countries shutting business down for long periods can become an even more serious issue than the virus itself. Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea businesses have been less impacted, as they have all managed to keep their epidemics in check through the aggressive use of testing and tracing. They identify and isolate cases early and trace and quarantine their contacts, while often imposing only light restrictions on their economies.

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The Daktela contact center platform is an ideal tool for mass contact tracing as it has been proven by the Czech government and the Czech Army. Both use our platform at the core of the national smart quarantine project in the country to fight the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

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Multi-level campaigns with workflow

Our multi-level campaigns are ideal for contact tracing management. Within the Daktela system, it is possible to quickly implement any tracing workflows within different campaigns. The use of Drag & Drop call-scripts supports this need for change management.

Connect smart apps

Many countries already use mobile smart tracing apps based on standard bluetooth technology. Daktela can automatically connect data from these apps into the tracing process itself and build lists of individuals with potential risk of exposure.

Empower operators with data

Give knowledge and power to operators by showing them all relevant data for calls. You can display real time epidemiological cluster maps and heat maps allowing you to make the right decisions regarding who to call.

Realtime reporting

You cannot manage what you are not able to measure, so we allow you to measure what you need. We provide you with powerful real time activity reporting and statistics within our system. This can be integrated with other external data systems to blend relevant data into real time reports relevant to the tracing application.

API first platform

We know speed is the key and it can save lives. As an open system with powerful API, we can easily integrate with external health systems and data houses in a matter of hours or days.

Easy operator onboarding

We understand and realize the importance of making onboarding new operators easy. These may include volunteers not experienced in working in a contact center operation. We have designed our application to ensure these people are operational within a few hours. We have also made our own training academy available and use a wiki-based knowledge application.


We understand that the contact tracing process can be very different very in each area or country. Easy and flexible management is therefore critical to its success. Daktela is based on flexible multiple level campaign management workflows which can be automated and simply modified. Usually a positive contact is put into the first campaign where the tracing work begins. Operators can then find other potential suspicious contacts during epidemiological interviews or get a list of contacts from the external applications such as bluetooth smart mobile tracing.

Other groups of operators can call these potential suspicious contacts to check on their health status, schedule them for testing and even put them into quarantine. There can be other campaigns which automatically call these quarantined people and check on their health status, this can be done through our fully automated voice bot system with the option to transfer to a live operator or doctor if required.

Each hygiene station or hospital in the country can use their own Daktela instance to help with contact tracing. Individual processes can be adapted to reflect local requirements. Where there is a nation-wide contact tracing approach a single Daktela instance can support hundreds or thousands of operators making contact.



Analytics heatmaps

Accurate Data is vital for everyepidemiologist. Daktela can draw various heat maps of epidemics spread over the country and make this information available to epidemiologists. They can use this information during call interviews or offline to plan activities. By providing information regarding the center of the pandemic and linking this to the location of the suspicious contact you are calling, we can provide a far more effective service.

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Customised views

Within Daktela you can create custom widget-based views for epidemiologists and tracers. They use this to easily find contacts and display details on other contacts in the area. This data is instantly generated from the defined tracing workflow and can be continuously updated. It is also possible to display other data widgets-based maps showing contacts in quarantine.

Memory maps from telco location data

You can provide tracers with memory maps which are built from telecommunications location data. First, the called contact must give consent to use this location history data. When consent is given, we can enable tracing and create a memory map which displays the historic location of the called contact for a given period. This can help tracers to make more precise contact tracing and speed up average call handling time. If consent is not given, a tracer can still make the call to the contact without this map and a regular interview can be done. We built this solution in the Czech Republic smart quarantine project with our data and government telco partners. It is fully compliant with GDPR.

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Integration of smart mobile tracing apps

To enhance and empower smart quarantine systems, it is necessary to use a smart tracing mobile application. The opt-in system uses Bluetooth to transmit a randomized and anonymous identifier to nearby devices. A user can then choose to upload their data to the health authorities and this can then be used by tracing contact centers to quickly build up a list of suspicious contacts. These contacts are then called by the tracers and if validated are logged as a suspicious contacts and a possible quarantine is ordered.


An example of a National Smart Quarantine Project

The Czech Republic

The Government agreed to the establishment and statute of a COVID-19 Central Management Team. This team will be a new advisory body to the Government and will be responsible for the “smart quarantine” project. The Government wants to use modern information-technology projects to search faster and more efficiently for people who could be infected with COVID-19. The Army of the Czech Republic is helping significantly with its implementation by deploying 300 soldiers. Army medics are helping hygiene stations with contact tracing calls using Daktela, sample collections of COVID19 positive people and transport to laboratories.

An example of a Local Project


We deployed our cloud contact center technology at an NHS site in the UK. Their legacy phone system was overwhelmed with a large amount of calls which could not be properly handled. Within just a week we deployed a new solution which can handle a far larger volume of calls to provide better contact tracing capabilities for the local NHS team to fight the COVID-19 epidemic in their area.

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