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All-in-one solution enabling you to have all your
communication with customers in one place.

Why choose our solution

In developing our solutions, we have utilised the many years’ experience gained from implementing hundreds of contact centres.


We support directly within our own solution all the communication channels you may need in one application - phone, email, help desk, SMS, web chat and social networks.

Realtime reporting and statistics

As standard we provide unified reporting across all communication channels with a range of frequently used reports made available.

Open platform with API

Daktela is an open omni-channel platform with a REST API interface with many ready-made integrations into other popular systems available.

Customer's communication history

Daktela automatically records all communication across all channels with your customers into a dedicated custom card within our CRM. By capturing and storing this communication history and presenting it to the agent at the right time we significantly increase productivity and the overall customer experience.

Cloud and dedicated solution

Daktela can operate as a true cloud service or as a private cloud with software running on your own dedicated servers in your virtual environment.

Technical support

High availability and reliability of the service is our priority number one. Technical support is available 24x7 for all communication channels. In Daktela we use our own technology in our own business gaining operational experience in the use of our technology which helps when dealing with our customers.

Some of our best-in-class customers:

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We are trusted by 900+ clients

We are an experienced team of telecommunication experts who have been dealing with virtual PBX’s and Contact centres for more than 15 years. We develop and operate one of the largest VoIP cloud infrastructure in Europe which every day supports over 900 corporate customers.

Complete portfolio of telecommunication services

We offer a wide range of related telecommunication services which can be used together with a virtual PBX or contact centre or even independently.

International numbers

We offer international inbound phone numbers from more than sixty countries including toll-free numbers.

SMS connector

Hosting of SIM cards in our data centre You can call or send SMS messages via your SIM card.

SIM hosting

Unique service of a virtual mobile operator, which allows recording of mobile phone and integration in the call centre.

Number filtering

We can clean your phone number database removing bad or invalid numbers, keeping your data clean.

Daktela mobile

Integrated solutions sending SMS messages with direct connection to any UK or International mobile operators. API included.

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Ways to use Daktela

Daktela offers a number of practical advantages in every field of business.

Online presentation
of Daktela

Try a free professional consultation with our experts.

Daktela online presentation

Daktela homeoffice

Effective homeworking

Working from home and the office can be just as effective.

Contact tracing

CallCentre solution to manage the COVID-19 epidemic.


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