David Hajek

Head of Global Expansion & Founder


Richard Baar

CEO & Founder


Roy Holmes

Operations Director


Steve McSherry

Customer Experience Director


Our Story


The history of Daktela began in 2003, when David and Richard, then colleagues from work, put into operation the first interstate Czech-American VoIP connection between two Asterisk exchanges and entered into the world of telecommunications.

They founded Daktela in 2005 as a pioneer company, which, in the era of digital exchanges and low-quality Internet, embarked on an intricate VoIP route. In the years to come, Daktela established itself in the central market, but in 2009 they decided to focus all their development efforts on the call center market. This market has its specifics, primarily high requirements for availability, support and degree of customizability.

And what was next?


During 2009, we managed to develop the Daktela 3.0 system, and together with our support and sales SaaS model, we approached relatively large companies, which further supported our commitment to our journey.

Thanks to our experience and feedback from our customers, we started a complete redesign and reworking, which resulted in the release of Daktela 4.0. This version continued for nearly 5 years and during this time the original call center system gradually became a multi-channel customer care system with support for voice, SMS, email and webchat channels.

 At that time Daktela became a leader in the area of multichannel contact centers and gradually we also started to attract foreign clients.


In 2016, we released the latest version of Daktela 6.0, which was designed from the ground up as a multi-channel application with support for many communication channels including social networks and support for a large number of modules that further enhance contact center capabilities, starting with speech recognition modules, process automation , helpdesk systems and customer satisfaction surveys. It also includes an integration platform that makes it easy to connect to external CRM or ERP systems (MS Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.), e-shop systems (Shoptet, Shopsys and others), and authentication services (GApps, MS Exchange).

How does it look today?


In 2018, David and Richard opted for a targeted global expansion. In 2019 negotiations were concluded with an existing re-seller in the UK and they became Daktela UK. In the same year, a Polish company was also created, and we are also looking at other countries across Europe. However, our activities have already become global and operators throughout Europe are working with our solution. We are also proud to serve customers in Vietnam, Mexico, the Middle East, and countries like Georgia, Lithuania and Latvia.

It is worth at this point looking at the history and background of our UK operation. Daktela UK was formed in August 2019 through the conversion of our existing indirect partner there into Daktela UK Limited. In doing so we built upon the strong legacy of experience and success of our re-seller. They had already established Daktela’s products and services in the UK market with over 1000 users implemented. The acquisition of a strong UK customer base with experienced sales, support and marketing people across two UK office locations helped Richard and David establish a UK presence quickly and easily. The UK management team consists of David, Richard, Steve and Roy.



YEAR 2019:

15 mil.


200 mil.


30 mil.



+ 100